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That Kind of Effortless 

Fashion Stylist & Content Creator shares her passion for fashion and all the authentic and inherently “effortless” things.

In conversation with Ludovica & Ginevra Fagioli, founders of Florentine resort wear brand, Caftanii.

When and how was your passion for fashion born?

I have always been very creative growing up. I loved drawing, writing, painting, and anything that involved creating with my hands and exploring my imagination. When I was younger I would cut-out pictures of my favorite runway pieces from old fashion magazines and form outfits together in an album. I believe this natural artistic ability and admiration, along with being inspired by my mother’s great sense of style, revealed my passion for fashion.​


How much and how do your Colombian origins influence your styling?

I am strongly influenced by my dual background. Having the incredible opportunity of working closely with talented Colombian designers such as Beatriz Camacho and Johanna Ortiz, opened my creativity in styling. I am fascinated by how they are able to integrate Colombian culture and architecture into their designs, yet still maintain a very elegant and feminine style. My special background is something I will always carry with me and use as a source of inspiration throughout my career. 


What are your must-haves when you travel?

Vintage Levi's, White tee, Oversized Cardigan.​

Who are your fashion icons?

Kate Moss & Jane Birkin

"I would say my style is very trendless, with a balance between elegant and minimal."

​Having graduated from Istituto Marangoni of Florence, what is the most important lesson it has given you?

Be open-minded. It was this mentality that allowed me to extend my possibilities and imagination, especially in such a particular and competitive sector as fashion. ​

What advice would you give to someone who is starting the same path of study and work?

Always have patience and carry yourself with confidence. ​


How would you describe Florence in three words?

Charming, inspiring, and extraordinarily familiar.


How would you describe Caftanii in three words?

Timeless, feminine, ethereal.


​How would you describe your style?

I would say my style is very trendless, with a balance between elegant and minimal.​​​​​ I like to play with harmony by introducing bold pieces to my wardrobe while at the same time maintaining the fluidity of understated sophistication, allowing me to express my true self while embracing my timeless style.

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